Still can’t believe 2017 is about to end in nearly few more days . All the things that have been passed all the time and become a new lesson for us all. The new day will always be a new beginning for us to be a better person in everything. In welcoming the New Year every person always equip themselves with various resolutions both big and small. But the resolution will only be a words that will not come true without any action. That's why I personally prefer to call that a goal that I must accomplish. Sounds naive but i don’t know why it works for me to lighten up my spirits to do a real action towards my dreams.


 To achieve all your goals you need to prepare up your actions with plans, do not hesitate to do so because most people have a lot of thinking before acting these things that actually hinder us to develop. Have you ever heard the word “if your dreams do not scare you they are not it big enough?” thats exactly what i tis! Its  fine when you are feeling afraid to take actions or fear of failure it means you are on the right track.


Im not the wisest person in the world, though im far from that but i want to share some of my tips here for all of you who was fighting for her dream and why you should keep hold on for that:

1. Set up a specific goals

When you go detail on everything, it will be easier for you to choosing the right steps and it will save up your time to realize what works whats not.



2. Start with small steps

No matter how small or how big the action is , it always lead to progress.



3. Surround yourself with good vibes

A great work always comes from a good mind , to keep the good mind always surround yourself with a positive vibes and exhale the negativities.



4. Focus on the process

Focusing your mind on the process, not the results. When we focus on the process the results will always follow and we will always get a new breaktrough. Hard work never betrayed results.



5. Never compare with others

When you do different doesn’t mean your’re failing. Everyone has their own battlefield , focus on yours first and the rest will come later and always, always be yourself.



pants: Uniqlo | sunnies: Karamata | shoes: Berrybenka | hat: H&M