So yesterday I was about to start writing content for the outfit that I wear in this pic, I was so confused about what I have to write related to this outfit. I was looking for inspiration by scrolling photos in my phone,  then I found my childhood pictures with my whole family, my childhood friends and so many pictures with other people that I barely even remember them lol. There are so many happy moments that I almost forgot, looking me striking a pose in a weird way, acting silly with my sister and it all made me feel how I missed being a child.



Lately, I’ve been so overwhelmed with so many responsibilities that I have to deal with. I just started 2 business at one time and I have to keep the balance between my work and my life. Just like every adult do right? As I starring at the old photos I remembered how it feels so good to live the life freely and happy without so much thinking.


Our activities and responsibilities often made us feel overwhelmed. We might feel trapped in a job that we don’t like, spending our free time with people we don’t particularly connect, trying to impress people that we don’t care that much, or comparing ourselves with other people’s life i social media , at the end all of that was only gonna make us feel insecure and ungrateful. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost touch with ourselves



One of the best ways of finding our true self again is to remember our childhood. Channeling the best aspects of our childhood such as carefree attitude & honest opinion & acceptance of ourselves can help us to reduce our stress, feel blessed and finding our true purpose in life that we want to achieve.


And this is me channeling my inner childhood. When I look again to this sets, it reminds me that I had one set of top and shorts just like this when I was a kid but the one that I had was in white color and on the edge it was lined with lace. I usually wore them with white shoes, Share your experience about your childhood with me!