Bags are one of the items we always use every day, bags are also the most important items that can complement our appearance. With a simple clothes the existence of a bag can be a separate statement without having to spend more effort. Almost every woman must have their favorite bag to wear. Both the brands, shape, materials each has its own reasons why the bag is our favorite. Certainly in maintaining the beauty of the bag to continue to use requires a variety of special treatments, but unfortunately not all of us have enough knowledge for how to do it, Not to mention the dense activities make us more difficult to do it all.  Cleaning and maintaining are such simple thing to hear but complicated to do right?

Last July I get an interesting offer to take care of my bag from YBS ( Your Bag Spa). I was very happy when I get the offer , since  a very long time i wanted to wash and take care of bags that I use for everyday but i don't know where to do it and in another case there are no Louis Vuitton counter in Bandung , . The bag that I have is a vintage bag , it is my Louis Vuitton Estrella in monogram. I used it every single day, without conscious the color of the bag becomes changed, not as bright as the first time when I bought that bag, the color on the strap become darker because it is due to overuse and of course a lot of stains that mop on the cloth in my bag such as pen stains, not to mention dirt from the outside that accidentally carried into the bag. As you all know the color of leather materials will get older as time goes by, but without a proper care the color of the bag will turn into darker color that seem dull and also Making our leather bag material becomes quickly damaged. So I dropped off my bag at YBS counter in Paris van Java and I straightly mention all the details that I wanted to improve from my bag. They gave me a very clear explanation about what services need to be done for my bag. First they will clean all the stains with their special washing machine, then If there are still small stains which still lags on the bag they will clean it manually by rubbing them one by one on the stained part , how detail!.

After that for materials such as leather and suede they recommend to coating the outside part of my bag ,so our bag will be free from stains. The cleaning process itself will take one until two weeks, they will inform us when our bag is ready to pick up. For finishing they told me to use their leather cleaner, to clean the leather material we should not use random materials because the leather material is vulnerable to damage. This leather cleaner also keep the color conditions on our leather bag so the color of the bag does not change quickly and the good news is you can also use this leather cleaner for your leather shoes or things with leather materials! Without notice I already spend almost 45 minutes asking them about what kinds of service that they provide,  and I also spent my time looking at the collection of bags on display in their storefronts. YBS also provide services to selling ur old bags here too! Terms and condition apply for sure.


Its been 2 weeks since i dropped off my bag in YBS , finally the moment of truth i've been waiting for !



As you can see the overall condition of my bag as newly returned, the front skin is clean my bag color looks brighter and no stains at all.  If you look at the details on my bag the strap of my bag is very clean, no stains or spots that usually stick. Also the outer shell of my bag looks more glossy, yes it is because of the coating layer that protects my bag from scratches and various stains that can be easily attached to my bag so that I do not need dizziness about my bag is easily dirty or damaged. 

Moving on to the inside parts of my bag. The inside part of my bag was so dirty from the beginning that the fabric was light brown until it turned to dust ash. After the cleaning process of YBS fabric in my bag is very clean, there is no smudge stains like pens and so on again but it is not as bright as the first time I bought a light brown but brown only, maybe because I also have not washed it too long So the fabric naturally undergoes a permanent color change. But so far I feel quite satisfied with the improvements that occurred on my bag.

The difference of my bag from the condition before and after is very significant. From my own experience cleaning and treating leather bags is one of the hardest things. In addition to the old cleaning process of the leather is very sensitive to certain chemicals that we use to clean the bag, the wrong step can end up even damage our bags. I am very satisfied with the results of the service provided by YBS, the condition of my bag clean up to the most difficult part to clean, because the process of detailed work so that none of the spots that tertingal. The best part I like most is the coating for my bag, I think this is the best solution to renew your all bag especially the vintage bag bag that has begun to dull. In addition to the old bag we become fresh again after the condition of the coating we no longer need to worry about our bags easily scratched or stained from the outside because the coating layer itself will prevent from scratches that can leave marks in our bags and make our bag difficult to absorb Stains.



The price offered by YBS in my service is still within reasonable limits because the workmanship process is done in detail so that our bags are perfectly clean, and the materials and tools used are also not the material that carelessly. As one of the place spa bag of the many other services offered YBS is also quite complete and most important is ON TIME! yes of course everyone would be upset if it had to wait a long time to clean the bag only? Another advantage of YBS returns our bags according to the time promised, they will inform us if there are special conditions on our bags if it takes more time in the process of work.

Finally we come onto the conclusion! okay this review is based on my own experience and not only because I have a collaboration with YBS own party but I want to share my experience about the service they provide and this is my honest opinion ah without add or deductible.

So what are you waiting for! immediately clean your favorite bag before your bag gets damaged!