Well a bit of story i've been told you on my last post" Make a statement with red pants"  about how i obsessed with anything in red lately and yes this is some kind of proof about whats been going on my closet. When i opened my closet all i see was just red , not that all red but most of it lol . I just realized that i unconsciously shop so much things in red  for one look from head to toe. So to distribute my craziness to red i decided why not making a one whole look in red? itsgonna be a great statement outfit and yes this is my outfit post all in red! Im combining my oversized red sweater with my red vinyl skit omg i just love it so much when i found it i just straightly imagine that pretty woman scene when Julia Robert wore a vinyl skirt like this lol, i just don't know why. Then i complete my look with this red vinyl boots and finish up my look with a super unique face statement earrings and a red tinted sunnies!

What do you think about this look? Tell me your thoughts one the comment box below and have a nice day




(ps : sorry for the bad pic of my knee , I just fell off the stairs one day before doing this shoot lol)


sunnies: Karamata| sweater: Bershka | skirt :Stadivarius | shoes : Zara | earrings : Commonwear