Spring season is already around the corner and although i don't live where the spring season exist, I'm still inspired by all of the things that the season brings and especially the fashion trends in this season. So what are the must have items and style to wear this season? I’ll show you guys some of it!


Waist corset been wore for centuries and has been a must have items to everyone especially women to maintain their body shape ,so every sizes ,every shape can fit perfectly in all kind of outfit and gains more confident for everyone who wears it. During the changes of trends, waist corset already become a statement fashion items that can be pair with many kinds of outfit. You can wear it with your shirt, t-shirt, dresses and it gives you a bold statement look but still effortless!


i think this one is the best trend items. You can never go wrong with a pair of sunglasses especially for a daytime, tinted sunglasses complete gives the playful quirky look and complete the outfit high fashionably!


For sure neon colours always be very eye-catching , especially for this season orange is the prefect neon colour but still neutral ,you can combine it with unique cuttings or pattern or ruffles, I'm pretty inspired with the kylieshop and yeezy’s collection lately, they really nailed orange colour can gives you the edgy look, its just lit!

Double waist corset : Apparel After Dark| Orange sweater & stripes pants : Zara| Bag : Charles & Keith