So about a month ago jikaofficial sent me 2 of their collections. I jumped into their websites and see all of their collections and I instantly love their styles. Jika official is a clothing line that inspired by the street style of Omotesando, Japan. Actually, I always have a major love in Japanese casual styles. Japanese casual styles most likely are basic outfits, basic cuttings, neutral colors, take Uniqlo as the example. It is a safe style for everyone and everyone gonna have and eventually like basic right? , the essence of the style is the comfort. So Japanese casual style is designed for people who are pretty lazy to wear a complicated outfit if you know what I mean LOL, which on an everyday basis I’m that kind of person. In this look, I’m wearing a Doremi shirt from the essential collection. I’m loving this shirt.



As you can see the details and the color are really versatile and cute. You can never go wrong with a vintage shirt, especially when it comes in beige color. You can always pair it with a pleated midi skirt, with short pants, mini skirt, cullotes even jeans. Oh, and you gotta to zoom the shirt pic out and you gonna see the details of colorful strokes on the shirt. The good thing is it doesn’t look too much when I wear it!