Hey everyone back again with me! Eventually after a long-long time postponing it’s really nice to be back blogging again and also its already August people yay!

Long story short I’ve been so busy for the past few weeks in July I’ve done some training in Jakarta on the second week of July and then there were some technical problems on my web came up, I found out that the server that I’ve been using is a bad hosting, I have trouble in posting photos of my photos to my blog, a very frequent troubleshooting And this happens not only to me but to everyone who also accesses my website.

but yeah after a hard struggle I finally can solved that problem by changing to other more professional website developer, for sure it’ll be nice to work with professionals right? Since the maintenance process is complete finally I can share again with you guys! Okaay then let’s move on to another topic.

So at the end of July Berrybenkajust send me a shopping voucher regarding their special promo Berrybenka Friendly Festival. They offered up to 80% discount and extra 15% off without minimum by entered my special code!

Well then I spend my voucher for the cutest yet versatile gray block jumpsuit from Innaya! You can checkit here for all the details! The cutting, pattern and the colors are such a perfect combination! A perfect attire for casual feminine look. I combine this jumpsuit with a big gray belt. I’m finishing the look with a pair of white shoes  and sunglasses, no accessories at all, then done!


Innaya Jumpsuit | The Editors Market belt | Stradivariuswhite block heels| Raybansunnies