Last Friday I got an invitation from Someday.Indo to attend the launch of their 3rd collection called "GYPSY ROSE". Someday Indo collaborated with Emina Cosmetics in this event, also enlivened by Karamata.Id and Lashtique. The launch of the Someday indo collection is very fun, besides showing their latest collection of the many exciting activities that can be done there by invited guests one of them is to make a joint lipstick sponsored by Emina Cosmetics.



Honestly, this is my first experience making lipstick, I think it will be complicated how it turns out quite easy lol. The first step we choose the color combination we want to use then combine everything together. After getting the color we want we must heat the lipstick mixture until it becomes liquid. While heated we must also while stirring it but it should not be too long because later there will be froth on the liquid. If there is froth on the liquid mixture when printed into lipstick will make the surface uneven.

After heating the lipstick, mix it into the mold and we only wait 10 minutes and the lipstick can be put in the pack!



In addition to my new experience as well as invited guests who are given goodie bags from Emina cosmetics and shopping vouchers from Someday.indo for 500 thousand rupiahs! Pleased with the goodie bag full of very cute gift prizes! There are sunnies from, 50,000 vouchers from Lashtique and cc powder from Emina cosmetics!


A very fun event also adds to the experience! Thankyou Someday Indo and Emina Cosmetics, also and Lashtique!