2018 is already over but I believe there are many goals or called it resolutions that many people haven’t accomplished yet, and yes there are so many things that I still want to achieve for every new year. Well a year will just be a year and time goes on and so are we right. When a new year started I always write my plans for the whole year about things that I really want to do even though it doesn’t make any sense but I still write it anyway. I also give a simple reason why is that plan important to me. Writing plans that you want to achieve it’s kinda effective for me even I just did it since May 2018 haha. I can tell that I cause whenever I feel bored about my work I can always see the list of my plans and why did I start, even I can laugh about it cause I often wrote silly reasons for all of my plan lol. But with just simply writing it can be really powerful cause it's like a reminder to you when you see it you will rethink and ask yourself again why did I write this and why is that so important for me.


On my 2018s plan list, there are top 5 plans that I want to do and one of them is starting my own clothing line. I often look for inspiration from Pinterest, there are so many dreamy outfits that I have found but, almost all of the clothes don't look like real to me cause it's too good to be true lol. The funny thing is if I find something similar to items that I want,

the store is too far from me and it makes the shipping price so expensive more than the items that I want itself. Desperation is the best inspiration right, finally I decided to make my own clothes, I start to look for the fabric and I have a friend of a friend who has a convection business then I made the clothes that I want to her. The result turns out so good and seeing the result the idea of making my own clothing line just pop back into my head! Without any further consideration, I just trust my guts and crossed my fingers hoping everything can go well.


 There are so many clothes that I want to make but I started by picking the color board first. I will always have a thing with pastel colors especially lilac and green I love them so much!. I think everyone should have one pastel color in their closet! Cause either you love the basic colors or always into trends, soft hues are a classic spring staple and are timeless enough to be worn year after year. If you styled them right it can always look super trendy and cool.


In this photo I’m wearing one of my collections that hopefully will be launch at the end of January, I choose to start with a shirt and pants set cause i always love sets  with minimal cuttings with a touch of pop colors, i mean who doesn’t love set! You can always work it our and create a new style ! wear it separately, mix the shirt with other bottoms or vice versa. A shirt and pants can never go wrong, it's for everyone with every style. For daytime look you can pair it with flat mules, for an office look you can put the shirt inside and pair it with some kitten heels and cute earrings, it will look so chic and also comfy! So what do you think about my outfit? Is there any inspiration that you want to share with me?you can always send me a message through my emails or DMs! Stay updated for my collections launch on my Instagram page! Have a nice day guys!









shoes: VNC | bag: Unitude Official