It's been a while since I'm not posting any fashion contents! How are you guys! Okay in this content I'd like to share my love for linen, oh please its the best kind of fabric that u can wear to get the summer effortless look! Are you aware of the style changing in this year's summer with the previous year? I analyze the changes of fashion industry almost every day, and I realize the trend of color and style of summer last year with this year is quite different of course. Summer is always synonymous with colorful and bright colors with a variety of fun patterns and eccentric accessories that represent the summer vibes.



The fashion trend is always changing, in the year 2018 minimalist become a very popular trend, good in all things even fashion. This year summer is not filled with bright colors as before but with a more neutral color . Collections issued from various brands use more neutral colors such as white, broken white, olive green, terracotta, dark brown, orange burnt, and etc. Besides many collections are also the type of textured materials such as linen for example used as a highlight for a minimal style. Linen material has a unique texture, the surface is rugged and rigid is very unique and very suitable to be made clothes with vintage cutting, linen materials are very special materials because it has its own unique messy effects that give the impression effortless look but still chic for the summer . the clothes cuttings that are displayed still remain themed summer but different is a lot of collections that take reference from vintage summer trends.



Like the dress I use in this picture, I use a white linenn dress from Zara, with a cutting like a vintage dress of the 60s. I really like this dress because I'm crazy for linen especially in this type of dress! I also really like the cutting its really fit with the body shape I especially the arm and v neck in the middle I think its sexy chic but not too much!



So what do you think about this new summer trends? Do you like it more than the previous trend? Type ur comments down below!



dress: Zara | shoes: Berrybenka | hat: H&M | sunnies : Rayban