When taking a photo what is always be a problem for almost everyone, especially women? the answer is angle. Each person is given a different body shape. Both with a thin body shape or the busty ones, each body shape has its own advantages in posing. But of course in finding the right angle can be a pretty tricky problem for all body shapes, especially the busty ones. Either hands that look fat, short legs, double chin, and so on. Not to mention when we ask someone else to help us taking pictures, there must be dozens to hundreds of pictures we will took till  we get the best angle ( HAHA! story of my life)  . Its like a common sense , for sure when we want to nailed out our favorite outfit we must try to blend in either with the cuttings , the patterns,etc.  So it will look great on the picture. In this post I will give some tips in choosing types of outfit that can manipulate our look to get the perfect body shape on every picture!



When u want to showing up some skin but u don't have any confidence to wear tank tops or anything with short sleeves off shoulder can be the best option for you! why? cause off shoulder cover ur arms and shows up your shoulder. By showing off your shoulder area it will create a wider  dimensions between the arms ,the shoulder and your neck. Off shoulder shows your upper body skin only not your arms so it won't look too much!


You can always trust the wide leg pants for a longer legs! Wide leg pants has the straight cutting, pants with straight cutting have the same width from the groin to bottom so it will make your big thigh look even and welcome longer legs!


No matter the horizontal or the vertical style you can always count on stripes, yet it is versatile and goes with every kind of outfit also fit with every kind of place. Stripes provide camouflage against our bodies especially on the camera. But u should be careful too on choosing the right stripes for your body shape, the wrong stripes can give you the opposite effects. Busty body shape more suitable to use horizontal stripes , it camouflage your body to look longer especially on the camera. I know it sounds weird HAHA! but i told you this base on my experience as you guys can see i have the busty body shape too LOL.


I always have a thing with block heels, i think block heels gives the perfect look for your legs. The big and wide kind of heels always give a simple statement. Especially for you out there that have big legs . Sometimes women with big legs when using heels such as stilettos will look too heavy on the legs area especially in front of the camera, but block heels will be a great choice as it will give you a comparison to your feet and the plus is it is much more comfortable to wear than the small ones.




ruffles off shoulder top :MiroirStore | navy stripe pants : Zara | red heart earrings : Nirawatro | red shoes : Zara