Spring will always be my favorite season next to fall, especially all the collections that come within, full of cute colorful items from head to toe. I have never been able to choose between fall and spring color tones as they both represent my style. I always liked the bright and cheerful tone spring colors but I always end up combining the bright colors with the fall color tone. Although sometimes I also dare to use a combination of bright colors at the same time the color tone fall will always exist. I have never been able to choose which color I like because I love all the colors and I always have a belief in my brain if one color will always need another color to look the standout! LOL made up your mind Gemini! Jeez!



At this look, I use a colorful vintage outer that I get from my grandmother lol. Actually, I have kept this outer for once in my closet but I forgot that I have this outer since the clothes in my closet are very difficult to look at because there are way too much clothes inside so Yes, when I find this outer feels like I just found a treasure in my closet. Happens all the time to me lol. As you can see the color of this outer is colorful but not too bright because the line pattern combined with various earth tones makes it look very catchy but still easy on the eye. The right combination of colors or patterns will give you the illusion of spring vibes by itself. Because spring to me its always about popping cute colors!




outer: Vintage collections | inner turtle neck: Topshop | pants: Cloth Inc | shoes : Watt.WalkTheTalk | yellow sunnies : Karamata