As we know, we often use casual styles for everyday appearance.

And every day meansthat we use that looks to do our activities for the whole day and we just try to look good,

Things like sweater, cotton pants, jeans, t shirt, sneakers, and so on that make our looks just great and effortless.

Yetcasual styles always refer to basic and comfort.

Casual styles are not recommended for use to the formal events such as dinner, Gala, and etc.

WHY? Because it will look too basic and boring of course! BUTsome people can’t survive using gowns, tight formal dresses, high heels and other formal outfits for hours of events.

So how to make the basic become classy yet still comfy?

In this content i will show you guys how to nail the look!


1. Choose the focus on your outfit by mean which part of your outfit that u want to show most

Earrings: Your hands


2. Use a top or bottom that has a unique cuttings and always combine it with the basics


3. Put some colorful top or bottoms that has stand out color or patterns but not tacky or too distracting for attention


4. Make sure to connect the colors of your whole outfit, so it still good looking for the eyes.

Cropped bow sweater : Zara

Pants : Muaya Clothing

Sneakers : NIKE - Airmax Thea


5. Wear your statement accessories